• Robotics Laboratory

    Robotics Laboratory

    We have researched an autonomous mobile robot. This technology will be applied to an intelligent wheelchair when the elderly people go out shopping etc. It also contributes to the development of the automatic driving of the wheelchair.

  • Mechanical Control Engineering Laboratory

    Mechanical Control Engineering Laboratory

    Tele-operated robot technology is researched and developed, which is expected to be utilized for the rescue purpose where humans cannot enter in case of earthquakes or other natural disasters. It is also to be expected to be utilized for medical purpose where a doctor remotely operates surgery or palpation.

  • Micro Robotics Laboratory

    Micro Robotics Laboratory

    The micro robot will be expected in the various applications as follows; the maintenance work for the human in the narrow pipe, rescue work of finding victims by many small robots with low cost in the disaster field, and widespread environmental investigation In the planetary exploration.

  • Micro Mechatronics Laboratory

    Micro Mechatronics Laboratory

    The lab researches and develops micro machines for medical use (μ-TAS : Micro Total Analysis Systems) using robotics and micro fabrication technologies. The lab focuses especially on healthcare devices such as a portable blood test kit enabling the checking of personal health anywhere, anytime. Research such as this will certainly contribute to the development of medical and bio areas from the engineering side.

  • Smart Materials Laboratory

    Smart Materials Laboratory

    The aim of our group goes beyond what is conventionally envisioned as robotics. To reach our goals, we study robots not by utilizing mechanics or motors, but by utilizing chemical reactions.  We have already developed chemical robots based on the oscillating reaction.  Previously, we showed a novel gel robot that can walk spontaneously with a worm-like motion without switching of external stimuli.

  • Intelligent Mechanical Systems Laboratory

    Intelligent Mechanical Systems Laboratory

    In the society with decreasing birth rate and increasing elderly, the robot and its system will be greatly expected. For such an application, the robot technology with safety and flexible is required rather than those of high speed and power. We will create the new concept of the robot and its realization contributing to the community and society.

  • Human Robot Interaction Laboratory

    Human Robot Interaction Laboratory

    In the life space where robots and sensors are distributed and collaborated, such the robot system can support the human not only to enhance the ability of the human but also to support the shortage of the ability. That is, to “wear” the robot technologies, the society will be realized where every human can enjoy the life.

  • Robot Task & System Laboratory

    Robot Task & System Laboratory

    We aim to create highly capable robots that can execute desired operations flexibly in an environment and situation from factories, public facilities to everyday home life. The main focus of the lab is research into how to give skills for desired tasks to robots as well as constructing methods of practical robot systems.